Mandatory Coach Meeting for all approved Team Managers and Assistant Coaches. You will receive an email if you are required to attend. If you plan to coach, please mark your calendar for
Date and Time TBD at Redmond High School Auditorium
At the time of this meeting, you must have already completed the requirements below

Coaching Information

All Managers & Assistant Coaches with RLL are required to do the following 3 items, each year:
 Pass a Background Check
Complete the Online Concussion Training and submit a certificate of completion
Read and sign an updated Coach’s Code of Conduct
*See below for the Online Concussion Training and Code of Conduct links

These items must be completed *each* year, and do not carry over from last year. The Online Concussion Training below is the only certificate we can accept, and must be dated for this current season (Jan 2019-April 2019). We are unable to accept a certificate you earned through a different organization, at a different time.

You must create a Volunteer Role for yourself, in your account. This is how we will assign a team to you, as well as process your Background Check this year. If you are interested in coaching, you must create the Volunteer Role for the division in which you would like to coach in.

If you just want to help out with your child's team now and then, there is no need for you to sign up as a coach or assistant. Just let your child's assigned coach know you'd like to help out!

Coaching Roles
Team Manager- This is the head coach who will manage the team
Assistant Coach- Teams are allowed up to 2 assistants to help coach the team

Important Coach Dates for 2020 Season
More info to come... keep an eye on your emails!

Week of Feb 24-28: Player Assessments for Minor, Major and Junior Divisions (days and times TBD)

Sunday, March 1 : Coach Draft for Minors, Majors and Juniors (time & location TBD)

Date TBD: Mandatory Coach Meeting at the Redmond High School Auditorium

Sunday/Monday, March 8/9: Gear bags will be ready for pick up. Times and location will be sent out

Monday, March 9: Practices can officially start, if the coach chooses to

March 23-27: Spring Break (it's up to the individual coaches to decide if practices will be held this week)

Friday, April 3rd: Opening Ceremonies will be held at 6:00pm. Location TBD

Games for most teams will start on Saturday April 4th

There are no RLL games over Memorial Day Weekend

The season will wrap up by June 6th

All-Star Tryouts- TBD

District 5 All-Star Tournament will start Friday June 19th, in Central Oregon (hosting League TBD)



-Heads Up- Concussion Training Certificate

Once you have completed the online Concussion Training, you will have the option to save or print your certificate. 
Please email your certificate to  
[email protected]

Heads Up - Concussion Training

-Coach's Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct - Fill online

-Don't forget to create a Volunteer Role within your account. This is how you will be attached to your team, as well as where we get the info to send you your Background Check Link.

Please keep an eye out for your Background Check Link. There is a seperate form you will fill out from JDP to complete your Background Check.
If you have any questions, please email us here!


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